Blog Posts

Companies who blog get more visibility than those who don’t. I can help you create high ranking, web and social media optimized blog posts that will increase your visibility, attract and convert site visitors to repeat clients. These can be ghostwritten too in your own voice!Learn More

Emails and Newsletters

Emails are getting more popular as users are set to hit 3 billion by 2020! they are a great way of fostering relationship between your clients and business. I create compelling, clickable and actionable emails and informative newsletters to help foster the relationship between you and your clients, drawing in and converting leads to repeat clients.Learn More

Case Studies

Case studies are creative ways of presenting your corporate testimonials to clients and prospects in the form of success stories. Everyone loves good stories and storytelling is my thing. Let me help you create compelling and convincing success stories for your brand, in order to attract more sales.Learn More

Who am I and What do I do?


To build a successful business, there is need for top-notch content: ad copy, newsletters, banners and fliers, blog posts, and a whole lot more. Do you feel overwhelmed by the tiny details of running your business that you have delegated content creation to the background? Are you leaving money on the table because of your content deficiency?

No worries, I am your writer and I can help you save precious time, energy and money.

I am Ekei Joy Okafor, a freelance web content writer for hire. I can help you make and save more money by creating content for your brands such as blog posts, articles, emails and newsletters, case studies and ghostwriting services.

As an on and offline entrepreneur, I understand what good content entails so I write content that is

  • Well researched, relevant and current
  • Search Engine Optimized
  • Social media optimized and sharable
  • Easy to read and understand

My work is also delivered promptly as I know the importance of time management being an entrepreneur, mother of three (a teenager and two toddlers), and wife to my childhood sweetheart.


Won’t you rather work with me?

You may browse through my blog and/or see my portfolio for writing samples.

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