How do I do what I do?

Every piece of content I create is well researched using authority sites, books and journals. Interviews are also conducted where necessary. Thorough research is carried out in order to come up with recent, updated and informative pieces that are relevant to your content needs. I understand and practice industry best practices and follow changing SEO trends to enable your content rank on the web and social media, thereby attracting desirable clients. Images are also sourced ethically. My jobs are well edited for typos and delivered on time, every time.

Hi, I'm Ekei Joy, Dara's writer mom.

I am a professional freelance writer for hire and hold an MSc from the University of Ibadan, Nigeria.

I have always loved writing. I've written several articles and blog posts for sites like callytown.com, my other websites purplebiro.com and allsobeautiul.com. I also write for content mills and academic publications.


I returned from work one day in 2015 and found my then 10 months old baby with a razor cut on his index finger. He was left in the care of a caregiver and my older son, both of whom claimed ignorance of when he slit his finger.  I immediately made up my mind to be a work from home mom and after intensive research, discovered and fell in love with freelance writing.

It's been fun all the way and really rewarding getting paid to do what you love!

Hi there!

I am Ekei Okafor, a freelance web writer for hire. I create in-depth content to help you attract clients to your business, retain them and make them come back, even referring others such as blog posts, articles, emails and newsletters, short stories and case studies.

I'm an ex-teen mom, wife to my childhood sweetheart and mom to two toddlers and a teenager.


Ekei Joy Okafor

I am Dara's mom, and I write!

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