The Pastor’s Assistant

Are you a Minister of the Gospel? I take web writing off your hands so you can focus on ministry.

Running a ministry could be tasking. The preaching, prayers for self and others, meetings, services, all these could be so overwhelming you hardly have time to do anything else. You may desire that your words get written down and published somewhere but lack the time to do it.

Do you need help with sermons, faith based articles and publications, devotionals, management of ministry’s website and social media profiles so you can have more time for the gospel, self and family?

My name is Ekei Okafor, a Christian writer for hire. I am the right writer for you. I can help you develop content which is well researched and written, current, relevant, consistent and delivered on time, every time!

I save you time, effort and money by crafting content that ressonates with you and your audience, helps you spread the gospel and reach out to more people than you could ever reach from the pulpit.


As a Children and Teen’s minister, I understand how tasking life in ministry is. With this experience, I can help you create quality blog posts, newsletters, articles and devotionals for your Christian website, in your own voice, so you can focus on ministry.

Pastors assistant basic package

Well researched ministry materials to save you precious time.

I also offer an all inclusive package where you have a choice of the number of words and times a week your post goes online. Online ministry affords you greater visibility, farther reach and an effective means of propagating the gospel beyond your physical reach.

I am the pastors virtual assistant

Letting me be your assistant affords you time to concentrate on ministry.

Each of these offers (Blog Posts, Devotionals, E-Mails/Newsletters, and Social Media Management) are also available as stand alone packages. You also have the ultimate choice of a customized package, to suit your needs.

Wont you rather work with me? Drop an email and I’ll write right back :,

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