Believe and confes the word of God

Whose Report Do You Believe?

SCRIPTURAL REF: Therefore I say to you, whatever things you ask when you pray, believe that you receive them, and you will have them.

Mark 11;24

 When I was pregnant with my last child, the first three scan reports read breech, unstable lie. This means that my baby was not only breech, but kept changing positions. She would take every possible position and end up in a latitudinal lie.

I was given sound medical advice and asked to make up my mind for caesarian section by the end of the 38th week. I left the hospital for church where I met my friend and prayer partner. After service, I told her what the doctor had said.

Then I asked her; “why do doctors talk with such conviction? Why does he think the baby will not turn before the 39th week?  I answered my own question “they talk from what they know. What they were taught in med school and trainings, coupled with what they have seen. They speak with confidence because they KNOW”.

This realization lit up my mind. As children of God, what do we know about Him? How much of His word do we know? What if as Children of God, we knew so much about the Father that we could speak with such confidence and conviction? This would spark so much faith in us that the devil will be put to shame. We cannot believe what we do not know!

How then do we get to know God so deeply?

 By The Word of God we hear. In the Book of Romans 10:17, the Bible says Faith comes by hearing and hearing the word of God. We need to keep hearing the word through preaching’s, sermons, listening to anointed men of God, and the voice of the spirit in our hearts. What we hear repeatedly, we tend to believe.

By studying the word. Spending time to read the Bible, anointed books and devotionals. Rev. 1:3.  It is the word we study that sticks in our minds and eventually come out when we get into trouble.

Meditation. This is an important means of getting to know God. After reading the word of God, we have to spend time thinking about what we’ve read until we get to the point of understanding. Only then will you have good success (Joshua 1:8)

Practice what the word says. When the Bible says fear not, you need to practice to not fear. As practice strengthens your physical muscles, the word likewise builds up your spiritual muscles

Confess the word. Saying aloud what we learn makes it more meaningful and real. In the Kingdom, we get what we say (Mark 11:23). Keep confessing the word over your life. When the Bible says you are healed, then you are. When it says He will protect you from the noise some pestilence, you confess and believe it over and over again!

I chose to believe the report of the Lord which says I shall bring forth before labor starts. (Isaiah 66) The baby turned! I had her normally because I knew God will not bring me to the point of delivery and shut up my womb (Isaiah 66:9). I had her before my doctor finished scrubbing, all alone with the Holy Spirit to prove His word.

When you know the word, believe it, stand on it, and confess it over your life and your loved ones and you will have whatever you say. The Bible says no sickness shall God allow near your dwelling, no plague shall come upon you. Confess this word day and night and see God’s words come to pass in your life!