she is not my mother. forgiveness


They profess to know God, but in works they deny Him, being abominable,    disobedient, and disqualified for every good work.

Titus 1: 16. (NKJV).

We adopted a little girl of eight years old and brought her into our home. She grew up with her mom, a single parent in the rural area. She looked too small for her age due to hardship.

We gently integrated her into life in the city. Her entire wardrobe was changed. We gradually introduced her to good meals and comfort. She was also introduced to the Bible which she embraced wholeheartedly. We called her Happiness because she was full of life and very eager to learn new things.

One of the first things I taught her was to call me Mama. The reason was that I did not want to create a distinction between my children and her. She grew and blossomed, loving Christ and learning new things, making friends at home, in school and at church.

At home, she showed no signs of anger or resentment and my then ten-month-old baby accepted her as a big sister. We had recently moved into a new neighborhood so no one knew if she was my biological child or not.

My shock and disappointment therefore can only be imagined when one day somebody said “Sister, I love your daughter so much because of her love for Christ”. Before I could respond, she shot back, with an angry stance “She is not my mother”. I was so shocked I gaped with my mouth open wide.  In an instant, I felt angry and disappointed at the same time. I felt like withdrawing all the “daughterly” benefits I had accorded her.

As her words sank in, the Holy Spirit tugged at my heart and gently reminded me that even Peter, the rock, denied Jesus. Not once, but thrice.  Matthew 26: 34 – 35; 69 – 75.  I can only imagine Jesus’ hurt as he passed by and stared Peter in the eyes.

How do we deny Jesus in our daily lives? Our opening scripture says we deny Jesus in our works, when we are disobedient to the word, when we live life on our own terms, disregarding the laws of the Lord. If we, being mortals, can feel so hurt when denied, how much more our heavenly father?

The beauty of our Lord Jesus is His ability and readiness to forgive us our trespasses. We only have to realize that we have denied Him and repent, like Peter. When the rooster crowed the third time, Peter remembered what the Lord had said and sat down and wept in repentance.

Jesus said, “…Whosoever denies me before men, him I will also deny before My Father who is in heaven. (Matthew 10:33). Looking at the previous verse, He said He would defend whosoever confesses Him on earth before His father.

Action Point

If there is any way you have been disobedient, denying Jesus, go to him in prayers today. He will forgive and grant you peace.

Say this simple prayer of faith:

Lord Jesus, I come before you today. I acknowledge the fact that I have sinned and come short of your glory. I repent of my sins Lord. Thank you for your cleansing blood which you shed at Calvary to wipe away my sins. I receive your abundant grace to resist temptations to deny you. I thank you, Lord, for forgiving my sins. Amen.